Sunshine On My Mind

This dreary day has me wishing the warm sunshine weather back; I mean it's the weekend C'mon.   Maybe I'll just head to Target.  I'll take any reason to go to Target... I know you can relate.  I usually head to Target twice a week:  once because I have to (groceries, necessities, etc...) and once for FUN.  Fun usually includes browsing through the totally hip and affordable kids clothing section and dreaming up fun shoots like this one.   This adorable rash guard swim suit from Cat & Jack caught my eye and I couldn't wait to create a simple, fun session around it.  I partnered with my fave fashion college gal, Taylor McGowan and this is what we came up with.  We loved it so much we shot a few other sessions featuring items form Cat & Jack which I'll share separately because they are so darn cute and deserve their own post.  Hope these pics bring a little sunshine to your day.  Happy Saturday!!