SOOC vs. My Edit

For this blog post I thought it would be fun to share an image SOOC (straight out of camera) vs. my edited image.  I work really hard to get an image almost perfect SOOC.  Knowing about lighting, color balance, shadows,  etc... is important to achieve that.  I'm super passionate about what I do, learning new things, and growing artistically.  That's why I put a lot of my personal time into continued education.  I like to keep my edits simple and clean to keep in tact my subject's skin texture, natural skin color etc...  The above image was just about perfect to me SOOC but I wanted the image to have a warmer, coastal, "beachy" vibe.  Which is funny considering where we shot was no wear near the coast or the beach :)  But by warming the tones a little and adding a slight warm sunshine-ish haze made the image just a little softer without taking away the contrast.  I love that her freckles were still visible too.  Another reason camera ready make up is so important!!  Some may even like the SOOC better but to me pulling back the cool tones gave it that breezy summer feeling we were going for without drastically changing the image.  I also removed the crack in the pole by her head because it was a a little distracting from her face, which to me was gorgeous!!

I hope this give you a little more detailed look into my work.  I look forward to having you in front of my camera soon.

I'm excited for upcoming warmer temps and getting outside and shooting more.  A few Class of 2016 senior dates are open to book then excited to start celebrating with the Class of 2017!!