A Few of My Favorite Things 2016

Ever since Oprah started her Favorite Things episode, I've enjoyed reading what others just can't do without.  So a few years ago I started a tradition for my BFF's Christmas Gift, to be "A few of My Favorite Things" (sings song in her head, you just did too right).  We finally found time to meet up, hang out for a little holiday cheer (aka drink coffee and exchange gifts by the pretty Christmas Tree(s).

selfie stick iphone pic (Ginger had to be included)

If you saw my Instagram post the other day; I have an OBSESSION with wrapping paper.  Ok, I have a lot of obsessions, whatever ... I truly love wrapping gifts just as much as I love giving gifts.  See example below of my brown paper packages tied up with string .... (are you singing again, I was :p


Without further ado lets get to what you are really here for:  THE FAVORITE THINGS.



Maybe you will get an idea for someone on your list you need to grab one more thing for?  There is still time to pick up one or more of these items for holiday gift giving; and I thought I’d share a little bit of input on each of them to explain why I like them!

1.  Urban Outfitters Fitters Fragrance in Pistachio Brulle.  For times you don't want to use your expensive cologne this light scent is perfect.  I'm also LOVE "The Matcha" scent, it's my go to for casual daily use.  I also LOVE the esthetic of the bottle; so simple and modern.  It reminds me of a pricey brand they sell at Nordstrom that has the initials JM (wink wink).

2. Reusable Makeup Remover Cloth by Bella Rose.  I learned about this amazing product about a year ago while getting a manicure.  This little pink cloth is life changing and will save you money!!  It removes 100% of eye make up, mascara (even waterproof mascara) with WATER ONLY!!!  ALL NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE, ECO-FRIENDLY & MACHINE WASHABLE. Reusable up to 1000 times.  Like I said LIFE CHANGING (and it's pink, my favorite color).

3(a). This product is magic!!  Well groomed brows are so in right now but finding the perfect shade pencil is soooooo difficult.  Not anymore with the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil.  It matches all hair colors and covers gray perfectly, looks natural, and is packed with anti-aging powerhouse ingredients utilizing cutting edge brow-enhancing technology!

3 (b).  NYX Lip Primer.  Another item in my bag I use every day.  The perfect base before your lipstick.  Allows for extra staying power for your lipstick and does not go outside the lines.  I prefer the NUDE shade for daily wear.  It also comes in Deep Nude which I'll use if I want a little more of a base when using more saturated shades.  Does not dry out your lips, which is super important this time of year.

4.  Combine two of my favorite things and what do you get:  FLAT WHITE MARTINI

Simply take a glass (or sparkly disco ball cup), add 2 oz. Bailey's Irish Creme, .25 oz of Smirnoff Carmel Vodka and 1 shot chilled espresso (Starbucks is my fave), Shake and Enjoy!!!!

5.  Last but not least the NEW Verismo Milk Frother.  You can still pick up one of these for a coffee lover on your list, but you'll have to find a Starbucks Store that is a Verismo store (not all of them are).  for my local peeps, the Starbucks in eldersburg on 26 in Eldersburg sells them ;)

I recently replaced my Keurig with the Verismo System by Starbucks since it did the job of two of my machines (makes coffee and espresso) and I could make more room on the kitchen counter.  This updated frother can whisk your favorite kind of milk into a velvety smooth foam in a little over a minute.  It can also do a cold froth that is perfect when you are in the mood for a jazzed up cold brew.  I'm loving making homemade lattes and americanos.  For a fancy holiday drink I'm currently frothing up some Almond Milk Eggnog, YUMMY!!!!  Only drawback is it only whips up one serving at a time so if you are serving guests it may take a few minutes, but it's well worth the wait!!

I would LOVE if you would leave me a comment below and share one of your current FAVORITE THINGS.  #sharingiscaring

XOXO,  Michelle

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